Saturday, May 11, 2013

CaveLife:* How Happy Is Your Spine?

Feeling like a question mark?

Admit it. You're reading this on your smart phone/iPad/kindleFire/laptop. Your sitting on your couch or at your desk at work (but not in your car, because that's illegal). You're hunched over a little in the shoulders, with your face too close to a brightly-lit screen. I know. I am doing the same thing. The technology we cannot live without is causing problems we don't have time to fix. Or do we?

One of the biggest changes I've noticed since starting CrossFit (besides the weight loss) is the improvement to my posture. First, I'm more confident and no longer hoping to go unnoticed by every passerby. That naturally leads to a raised chin (and a smile). More importantly, I'm stronger and I better know how to carry myself through the world. Relentlessly-soul-crushing workouts like Angie and Fran have made my back strong enough to combat 10+ hours of slumping in my cubicle. Overhead squats and Turkish get ups (and pretty-much every other movement) have given me the core strength to hold myself upright even while teetering in high heels.

And most importantly, excellent coaching on olympic lifting technique, and farmers carry technique, and the constant refrain of "shoulders back and down" that rings in my ears even during the workday, have improved my posture immeasurably.

But what happens when confidence and strength and coaching isn't enough? And how could it be? Just by sheer numbers technology-time far outweighs CrossFit-time. Add to that stress, and rush, and worry and you have a recipe for forgetfulness. And forgetfulness leads to slumped shoulders and a tucked chin.

Enter chiropractic care.

I haven't always been a chiropractic super-fan. As a young adult, I knew that my joints and spine sometimes "cracked" when I stretched, and I experienced the stress-release that accompanied those movements. But I had never made visiting a chiropractor part of my normal wellness routine. That all changed when my best friend became DoctorBestFriend, and she started explaining and then showing me the benefits of professional chiropractic care. She diagnosed my neck and lower-back issues and adjusted me back into alignment. My world changed.

I recently visited DoctorBestFriend for a few days of girl-talk and she gave my spine a once-over. She complemented my diet and said that my joints did not present the inflammation she commonly encounters (three cheers for Silly Little CaveGirl!). And then, despite my confidence and strength and coaching, she adjusted my neck and lower back.  I didn't know I felt bad until she made me feel so much better. And taller (which is important to me - I didn't name this blog Silly Little CaveGirl for nothing).

So back to my original question: Feeling like a question mark?

What are you going to do about it?

*Introducing a new blog post category to share our CaveLife outside the Silly Little CaveGirl kitchen.  

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