Saturday, April 6, 2013

Silly Little LunchClub

Guess what?

Silly Little CaveGirl has gone global and exceeded 1000 page views! And I promise only 30 or so of those are me, stalking my own blog for recipe reminders.

We have fans on 5 continents! Your move, Africa.

Guess what else?

My Silly Little LunchClub is expanding by one member, and I couldn't be happier.

Remember a few weeks ago when I started CaveFeeding my good friend CB?  (She coined that term. She has a way with words.) Well, our friend TDH wants to join the club, too.  I told him that the membership rules are strict and can never be broken.

Silly Little LunchClub Membership Rules

1) You have to be OK with eating the same thing 5 days in a row.
2) You can make suggestions but you cannot complain about the cooking.
3) You have to like eggs (we eat a lot of eggs).

He agreed! And now we are a LunchClub of 4. Well, soon we will be. TDH is going on a trip, but when he gets back we will be an awesome foursome. I love love love this because it means that my favorite people are going to be eating healthier and living healthier, and probably going to be around to hang-out with me a lot longer. How cool is that?

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