Sunday, April 28, 2013

What the World Eats?

Have you seen What the World Eats? You probably have, considering it received almost a million page views in 2 days. If not, check it out! It's an amazing display of one week of groceries for families around the world.  Scrolling through the images, I think the groceries in Australia probably closest represent what we eat in my cave (if you remove all the soda, fruit juice, and packaged breakfast cereals along the back wall).

I'd like to say we'd remove the potatoes on the front table, too. But, I can't.
French fries are my favorite food. It's a sickness.

So this week, after my normal circuit through Trader Joe's, I took my own What the World Eats photo.

What the World Eats: Silly Little CaveGirl Edition.
Full disclosure: this photo does not include the random bunless-burger and
sometimes-sweet-but-often-not potato fries that squeezes itself into our weekly diet.
Now that grilling-season is back, we plan to do better (fingers crossed).

If you're reading this blog you either know me, live a paleo/primal lifestyle, are curious about paleo, or accidently stumbled upon this site on your way to something else (probably not in that order). But no matter why you're here, I'm curious to know: what do you eat?

Next time you buy groceries, take a What the World Eats photo and send it to me.

SillyLittleCaveGirl (at) gmail (dot) com

Include a short description of your Cave and how you found this site, and I will share it with the global SillyLittleCaveGirl readers.

Sounds fun right?  I can't wait to see what you send!

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