Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feeding An Army (of 2)

CaveBoy and I are doing our best to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of summer.  This means using the grill as much as possible to cook our weekly meals.  We have had a lot of success packing burgers in our lunch boxes because they heat up well, they taste great hot or cold, and they aren't messy to eat.  We grilled chicken breast for dinners. I chopped my chicken into ceasar salads and CaveBoy ate his with bacon roasted brussels sprouts.

We switched up our normal scrambled eggs and sausage meal, replacing it with egg salad and ham, to keep things interesting.  We've found that introducing one new flavor each week helps limit our temptation to toss out  a boring meal and run through a drive-through.  

For this week, CaveBoy's meals totaled 3100 calories per day.

        Cal        Fat   Carb    Protein
Breakfast 512.00 27.27 39.10 28.60
1 large sweet potato and 4 fried eggs
Post-WOD Snack 357.90 22.82 9.80 24.99
Chicken sausage, 2 boiled eggs, berries
Lunch #1 562.66 24.40 99.00 51.52
4-egg salad and 3 slices of ham
Lunch #2 508.43 20.62 5.44 69.94
beef+turkey burger and grilled veggies
Dinner 659.00 27.39 17.14 81.03
Chicken breast and bacon roasted brussels sprouts
Snack 520.00 32.00 56.00 12.00
Nut and berry trail mix

My meals totaled 1750 calories per day.

        Cal           Fat   Carb    Protein
Post-WOD Snack 154.00 10.60 1.10 12.50
2 boiled eggs
Breakfast 436.94 28.69 7.43 34.52
4-egg salad and 1 slice of ham
Lunch 508.43 20.62 5.44 69.94
beef+turkey burger and grilled veggies
Dinner 667.43 39.51 9.20 75.90
Chicken ceasar salad

This was an especially big shopping week for us. Not only did we need to buy groceries for five days of packed lunches and easy-to-reheat dinners, we also needed two days of packed lunches and snacks for the weekend.  So, this week we bought 3.25 lbs of ground grass-fed beef, 3.5 lbs of ground turkey breast, 16 chicken breasts, 2 lbs of bacon, 6 sweet potatoes, 2 lbs of squash, 3 packages of brussels sprouts, four packages of ham, and 9 dozen eggs, along with various snack foods, fruit and veggies.  

Our grocery cart is no joke! 
So, our Whole Foods bill was particularly high.  That has been one of the most significant hurdles to overcome as we make the transition to a primal lifestyle.  Besides getting used to the physical sensation of eating so much more food, I've also had to get used to the grocery bills.  In the end, when we avoid significant medical bills because of our focus on health and nutrition, it will be worth it. But I would be lying if I didn't tell you I sometimes feel "sticker shock" in the checkout line.

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