Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is CrossFit a verb? Pre- and Post-workout nutrition

Two posts in a row!? I know what you're thinking, how did I get so lucky? Well, I took a day off from work to hang out with CaveBoy because he has a policeman-schedule and his day off is today.  So, I had an amazing workout at the CrossFit box (and made a breakthrough at toes-to-bar) and then went to the pool. My day rocks! Now CaveBoy is taking a nap and the house is blessedly quiet. 

The CrossFit Games were recently held and (spoiler alert) the 2011 men's and women's champions were both re-crowned in 2012.  How would you like to be titled the Fittest Man/Woman on Earth two years in a row?!  Watching them compete made me think. Even though they are the Fittest on Earth, they didn't win every event. They still have their "goats," as my coach would call them, events where they struggle.  (Of course, their "struggle" is my best-day-ever-at-the-box-PR-paloza, but we're not taking about me right now.)  No matter how much you achieve in CrossFit, there is still room to improve. 

People call yoga a "practice" because even the masters have their off days, and have areas that need work.  I take the same approach to CrossFit.  It is something that I work at, that I plan for, that I try to improve upon every day.  If I am out of balance, or in the wrong head-space, it shows in the WOD--in my technique, in my time, in my ability to push heavy weight over my head--but if I am centered, and focused, I can achieve almost anything I set my mind to do.  And I have found that throwing 100 lbs of iron up over your head and then chucking it at the ground will alleviate any number of stresses and frustrations (just FYI) so it pays to be focused.

I like to workout in the morning.  I have the kind of unpredictable job that keeps me on my toes. It also often keeps me at the office far longer than I plan.  On any given day, once I step into my cubicle, I cannot be sure when I will step out again.  So, I have found that taking care of myself before the workday starts is the only way to stay consistent.  CaveBoy, on the other hand, has a shift-work schedule.  He starts later in the day, but still works out before heading to work, because everything (except WalMart) is closed when his day is done.

Because I workout so early (6AM!), I drink coffee and water before heading to the box, but don't eat.  I tried eating a little bit (one egg, a few nuts, etc) before the workout, but felt like I was going to need one of those big orange buckets after a few hard WODs (if you catch my drift), and decided to stick with coffee. CaveBoy works out at noon and has enough time to eat a full breakfast before his WOD.  After the workout, we both have a snack (mine at 715AM, his around 130PM), although his is much larger.  Then I take my time getting ready for work and drive in to the office, eating a real breakfast at my desk around 9 AM. 

Here is what our pre- and post-WOD nutrition looked like last week:

CaveBoy Meals         Cal        Fat   Carb       Protein
Breakfast 512 27.27 39.1
Lg Sweet Potato 162 0.27 37.3
Four Fried Eggs 350 27 1.8
Post-WOD Snack 462.9 40.82 8.3
Italian Sausage 285 30 1.5
2 Boiled Eggs 154 10.6 1.1
1/2 cup berries 23.9 0.22 5.7

CaveBoy's post-WOD snack.
For his breakfast, I pre-bake his sweet potatoes, and then he fries up four eggs.

CaveGirl Meals         Cal        Fat   Carb
Post-WOD Snack 154 10.6 1.1
2 Boild Eggs 154 10.6 1.1 12.5
Breakfast 236.8 14.14 3.1 25.42

Turkey Breast 48 0.4 0 11.2
2 Fried Eggs 175 13.5 0.9 12.5
Spinach 13.8 0.24 2.2

My Breakfast, eaten at my desk. Two scrambled eggs, spinach, and ground turkey.
CaveBoy eats a double-sized portion of this for his first lunch.
See, he eats a lot more than I do. But it's not a competition, right?

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