Sunday, November 10, 2013

CaveLife: Spiralizer Review

Guess what?!

The spiralizer I've been coveting is on sale on Amazon! And now I've got one!!

I was super-double motivated to get one after I read this post at Nom Nom Paleo (love them!). I expected the spiralizer would help take my "pasta" recipes to the next level. But Nom Nom Paleo convinced me that with this tool in my kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

I waited with anticipation for the 2-3 days of shipping and processing. And when it arrived at my door, I put it to immediate use.

Like the hair of an angel.

I had built my expectations up to near maximum, which was a risk, I admit. What if it didn't solve all the worlds problems while simultaneously providing me with joy and entertainment? Luckily my risk paid off! I does all of that, and more!*

It was simple to assemble and easy to clean. It required no real instruction prior to use (besides "don't touch the sharp parts," duh). It turned 50% more yellow squash into "noodles" than I can with my Julienne Peeler (all without slitting my wrists). AND the "noodles" are much longer and twirlier than julienne slices, making them 500% more fun to eat!

Bottom line: I recommend this one to a friend. Especially because it is still on sale!

And then you can use it to make my Tomato-Bacon Yellow Squash "Pasta" recipe.


*Note: It doesn't actually do any of those things. Well, it did provide me with joy and entertainment! Watching the "noodles" curl out of the spiralizer reminded me of the Play-Doh Beauty Shop toy from my childhood.

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